Pi*Pilates Studio & Health Shop

Dedicated to finding Health through Movement, Meditation & Healing Products.

Dedicated to finding health thru the integration of movement, meditation & natural healing products.


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Hello, My name is Ellen Schwartz.  I am a Holistic Fitness & Health Coach specializing in Pilates functional fitness with reformer machine training, and natural alternatives for health challenges and weight loss.  At Pi Pilates, each client is unique and will receive an initial consultation consisting of a health history, nutrition and diet analysis, cardiovascular assessment, body fat review & measurements.  Each program is tailored to meet the customerís health and fitness goals.  I design each program to be enjoyable and relieve stress of every day life.    Health comes when we are total whole people.  My goal is to help educate the customer to strive towards integration between the body, mind, and spirit.  I help my customers take responsibility for their own health. Sessions may be concluded with a short meditation specific to the client.

Health Shop & Health Coaching

  • Products, services & workshops for body, mind & spirit.
  • Full line of therapeutic grade vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, essential oils and more.
  • Individual and group dietary and exercise consultations. Call for more info! 

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